Sleeping Bags for Winter Camping

Winter camping has its own special allure. Although, it’s not as popular as summer camping it does have its benefits. With cold weather camping you can enjoy the marvelous solitude of the winter forest without the hassle of dealing with crowds. Also, you will be able to enjoy the thrill of snow gliding, skiing and snowshoeing. But to fully enjoy your winter camping experience, you must have the right gear to go with it: most importantly the right sleeping bag. If you are one of those campers who think that these sleeping gears are all created the same, you are dead wrong! There is always a specific kind of sleeping gear that caters a specific kind of camping need. You must remember that not all sleeping bags are created to work in all weather conditions.

It is very important to get a good night’s sleep to energize for the next day’s camping activities you need an outdoor sleeping bag and tent that is designed for cold weather conditions. The best sleeping bags to go camping in the middle of winter should be rated for temperatures between thirty or twenty degrees below zero. Most of these foam pads available in the market are about twenty degrees above zero, that is why you need to be very careful when purchasing one for winter camping. Although in winter camping your first line of defense is your tent, that doesn’t mean that it will keep you warm especially during cold nights. Tents are designed to protect you against wind and precipitation meanwhile your camping sleeping bag’s purpose is to trap your body heat and let moisture out to keep you warm.

Mummy style sleeping bags with hoods is the best option. You should also see to it that it is not too big or too large for you because it will let in the cold thus losing its function. You can also wear warm clothes while inside this foam bag. You can layer your clothes just like what you wear for your daytime clothing as long as it is not wet. You can also try adding some wool blankets inside your bag. Placing an inflatable pad or foam that is full length under your bag will help insulate your body from the cold ground. Sleeping bags can also be used to keep your things such as your cameras and boots from freezing. You can place it into a plastic bag and place it inside your sleeping bag at your feet if there is still space.

In winter camping, expect the coldest temperatures, and prepare for it. Not being able to sleep comfortably during the night because it’s too cold simply means that you have purchased the wrong sleeping bag. Don’t give up winter camping because you froze in the night, find a more suitable sleeping bag instead and follow the tips above.


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