Must Haves for RV Camping Accessories

I have always liked camping, but now that we have an RV, I love camping. Sleeping in a bed, knowing we will stay dry if it rains, and having a little kitchen to cook in all contributes to making me feel right at home. Before we start any camping trip, however, we have to make our lists and do our prep work to make sure that the trip will be fun and stress free. It is very frustrating stopping at one small town after the other trying to come up with something that we should have brought with us. Here are some things that I have discovered over the years have helped up enjoy each camping trip to the ultimate.

1. Maps, guidebooks, GPS, camping directories. You have to know where you are, where you are going, how to get there, what to do when you are there, and, especially, where to camp. We have found that roads and campgrounds are always changing, so you need to have the most up-to-date information.

2. Coffee pot. Nothing beats a great cup of coffee in the morning in the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer.

3. Grip-it, non-slip liner. We use it to hold our stuff in place in the kitchen cabinets and on the table when we are eating.

4. First-aid kit. Scraps and cuts are going to happen, so you may as well be prepared for them and not have a trip ruined because of a minor accident.

5. Camping chairs. Add a little bit of comfort to your outside life with a chair for sitting in the shade in the heat of the day and around the campfire at night.

6. Bucket. Keep it filled with water and close to the fire. Be safe at all times.

7. Small shovel. A shovel is handy for stirring your campfire and making sure that your fire is fully extinguished before heading for bed or breaking camp. It is also a multi-functional tool that is practical to have with you on the road and in the wilderness.

8. Sunscreen. Don’t have a good vacation ruined because you didn’t take a few minutes to take care of your skin with a little sunscreen.

9. Insect repellant. When we take off in our RV, we never know where we will end up. We might think that where we are going there will be no bugs, but we really never know.

10. Plenty of linens. You definitely want a comfortable pillow for your head after a hard day on the road or an active day of play in the campground or in the wilderness. You will need towels for after swimming and after showering. Just in case it gets chilly at night, have an extra blanket or two for piling on. Keep some handy for those afternoon naps, too.

11. Lighters. Make sure that you have at least two. Test them before you leave home to make sure that they work. Think about primitive man. Once he had a roof over his head, the next thing he needed was fire.

12. Fuel. How will you be cooking? If you are equipped with a propane cooktop, make sure that your tank is full. If you will be grilling, have charcoal with you. If you are using a camping stove, have plenty of the required fuel. We always carry some dry wood with us, too, just in case where we camp is damp and we need some kindling to get the fire going.

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