How is Legend’s Lego-Robotics Unique?

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With Lego‘s EV3 and Mindstorm firmware, this series of camps offer an fun and engaging way to learn about robotics and programming for youth.  Entering G5 to G7 is the recommended age to participate.  For younger campers, please check out the Lego-Robotics curriculum offered by Camp Legend.  This is a junior version offered at 20299 Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino, which is only 7 minutes away.

Creative Green City Planner (6/15-6/19, 7/20-7/24)

Our creative city planners will design, build, and test robots to develop a green city.  In order to secure efficient operations in the city, the scientists will need to research new technology and create specific tasks for the robots to perform.  Experimenting with speed and distance, as well as exploring the effects of friction is only part of the game! This is a course of medium challenge level, and thus a comfortable entry point for those who have had introductory Lego-programming experience.

 Introduction to Mobile Robotics (6/22-6/26, 7/27-7/31)

Seeing their robots successfully perform the tasks is the greatest fun and reward!  This would be the beginning for a very exciting journey for the budding Lego-Robotics engineers.  Through participation of the robotics projects, they will learn about programming and controlling input and output devices.   As a team they will learn the engineering process of developing solutions through building, testing, and evaluating.   This is a medium challenge level course and would be a comfortable entry point for participants with introductory Lego-programming experience and basic science knowledge on speed and forces.

 Mobile Robotics Continuation (7/6-7/10, 8/3-8/7)

This is the continuation of the exciting journey for the budding engineers!  The projects are based on the following real-life themes: Automated Mining, Sentry Guard Dog, and Automated Tree Measuring. Students work independently using a variety of sources to expand their knowledge in order to design, build and program effective solutions.  In the process they will be programming and controlling inputs, such as ultrasonic, sound, light, and touch sensors, and output devices, such as motors and lamps.  This is a course at the advanced medium challenge level.  It is designed for experienced learners who also have a solid basic science knowledge on speed and forces to maximize the benefit.

 Robotics with EV3 (7/13-7/17, 8/10-8/14)

This is a new robotics curriculum developed by Lego system.  It opens up broader possibilities and deeper level of exploration for the enthusiastic engineers.  They will have opportunities to design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles, and other technical components.  They learn to interpret two-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models.  Through team work, they get to build, test, troubleshoot, and revise designs to improve robot performance.  All the projects will engage their minds and excite their hearts!

Enroll     Challenges beyond Lego camps