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Lego Programming and Game Development

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Earn High School Credit while Having Summer Fun

5 high school credits in “Introduction to Computer Programming“, which is equivalent to a semester course, will be offered to those who participate in the following 4 camps (within 2 summers) and satisfactorily complete related assignments.  A letter grade will be given based on the assessments and shown on the transcript.  The result of this course would be counted toward high school GPA for college application purpose.  Interested middle and high school students are welcome to explore this option.

Lego Programming with LabVIEW (6/16-6/20, 7/21-7/25)

This camp utilizes the LabVIEW and LEGO®MINDSTORMS® platform as a tool in the classroom for teaching engineering, science, math, critical thinking, and, most of all, creative problem solving. It features a number of activities designed to develop students’ computational thinking and engineering design skills through the presentation of open-ended problems. Using input and output devices, they produce a simple set of sequential instructions linking cause and effect.  They also will learn to develop and test a system to monitor and control events. With these problems, every group of participants will have a different answer, enabling them to learn not only from their mistakes and successes but also from the mistakes and successes of their fellow campers.

Lego Programming with RobotC (6/23-6/27, 7/8-8/1)

ROBOT C is a powerful C-based programming language with a Windows environment for writing and debugging programs and the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger. It allows students to learn the type of C-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications. Participants will learn to use RobotC to program and control input and output devices, develop solution, select, build, test, and evaluate models.  The flourishing engineering will have plenty of opportunities to involve in hands-on practical application of theoretical knowledge with “real world examples” in the camp.

Game Development with Java (7/7-7/11, 8/4-8/8)

Java is a leading language to program in Android.  The goal of this camp is to inspire the upcoming generation of budding game developers and open a door for those who are enthusiastic to start early to gain the the basics.  This is a true integration of fun and learning when the campers are learning to code and enjoy games at the same time.  Great innovations are born in the atmosphere that encourages perseverance, promotes team work, fosters creative problem solving, and generates a great sense of humor.

Lego Programming with Java (7/14-7/18, 8/11-8/15)

Learning a challenging programming language, like Java, has become easy and even exciting when youths witness how the coding could instill life in a droid and move mobiles and machines to perform numerous tasks for them.  Through learning to program Lego robots and machines, participants integrate their coding skills with their math and science knowledge to find innovative solutions for the projects.  This camp is an inspiration for budding engineers and serves to lay a comfortable path to lead them to a regular Java Programming course.

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