Experience Retro Camping With an Airstream Trailer

Airstreams that were made in the 1940’s, 50’s & 60’s are considered to be vintage in today’s market. These are classics and stir a nostalgic sense of earlier times. When people purchase a vintage model they are looking for quality and the look. Older campers are normally composed of frames of wood or aluminum however due to low demand are usually inexpensive. (note that these will usually require extensive restoration work). On the other side a completely done up camper will cost thousands of dollars.

There are retro RVs being sold on the internet. If you search the Internet for the term “vintage campers”, you will get a lot of results. (queries for “vintage campers” came up with 912,000 results on the Google search engine). You can find a lot of web sites that specialize in selling and restoring these vintage campers. There are clubs for those interested in the restoration and use of these campers; as well as many forums dedicated to the discussion of vintage campers. There are multiple reasons for which these trailers are used by many people. For some people the classic look is high on priority, while some prefer the economical way to camp in comfort. Some people have no plans to actually use them and only enjoy the efforts of fully restoring them to their original condition.

As far as vintage trailers are concerned, the Airstream is number one on everyone’s list. (and occasionally costs a lot of money). They were originally made out of wood, when they first started producing them, but now their easily identifiable models are made of aluminum. Airstream camp trailers have always had a reputation for high quality. For over the 75 years the Airstream company has been making campers, and amazingly over half of all the campers manufactured by Airstream are still in use today.

Popular vintage camper name brands include Spartan, Alma, Silver Streak, Avion, and Prairie Schooner. Classic camping trailers are typically of a size that makes it possible for smaller vehicles to tow them. Because the aerodynamic design and even weight distribution allows it to be pulled with greater ease,but this is not because they are lighter weight.

Do plenty of research before buying a vintage camper. Don’t neglect to purchase your camper in the best condition that you can unless you are an experienced buyer. When you purchase a run down camper with the intent to restore it, sometimes it can be a frustrating project. It will be less stressful to engage with a vintage camper dealer who comes with a pristine reputation. The people are knowledgeable and can provide key information regarding the camper you are thinking about buying, like whether or not the original pieces have been removed from the camper and what level of restoration efforts will be required on the camper.

Contemplate on your reasons for wanting a vintage camper and how you will utilize it before purchasing it. You will then be able to figure out what model and size camper you require. It is imperative to thoroughly inspect both inside and outside in order to evaluate the current condition. It is common to have some scratches and dents on the exterior. However, it ought to be in rather good condition. To make sure there are no leaks, you should ask the seller to perform a demonstration of the plumbing and refrigeration. It is imperative that you inspect the floors to make sure they are solid and show no signs of rotting. The tires on the trailer should be in good enough condition for you to be able to tow it to where it will be restored. Make sure that you give it a proper check to all areas of the camper to ensure that its in good condition

After you purchase a vintage trailer, make sure to protect your investment by taking out an insurance policy. It can be very rewarding to actually own your own piece of history. This is a practical way in which to enjoy so-called “retro” camping. If you have an affinity for classic vehicles, consider this opportunity for restoring and posing as a point of interest when vacationing. You will have a great deal of fun showing off your newly restored vintage camper at the campground.

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