Essential Camp Cooking Gear List


Having high-quality camp cooking equipment that is convenient and easy to clean makes the process more tempting, but at the same time requires cooking motivation. In the three years of my van life, I have reduced my list of cooking basics for camp to a single container of equipment, which makes cooking so much more enjoyable and part of every trip. 

Here is my list of the best camp cooking utensils you need for your outdoor kitchen and what it takes to cook in the camp. Your camp cooker may be the most important part of the cooking equipment in your camping set, but there are many other options for those who take up cooking in camps. 

It can be fun to fill the tank with packets of tuna, but there are many other ways to prepare really delicious meals outdoors. 

In the car to the campground or saddled up for miles in the hinterland, dinner should be something to look forward to. It’s the little things like this that make the difference when it comes to good camp cooking gear. Whether you remove these items from your own list or give yourself a life-long camp cook, you will certainly like some of our favorites for camp cooking utensils. 

If you’re looking for something new, forks, spoons, knives and GSI are great options, giving your warehouse kitchen a classic camping look. If you have an old set of utensils at home, you can make it part of your kit or throw it into the camp cooking pot. 

I use GSI Infinity plates and bowls, and I’ve used them all on camping trips, but I’m also a big fan of the old – contemporary, old school, cooking on the stove. 

It may seem like a trifle, but it is a real agony not to be able to light a fire on the stove or to try to rub two sticks together during the camp. Keep a match in your camping kit even if you are travelling on an airplane and need to take a butane lamp or light with you. 

If you are a frequent camper and you do not care how compact your pots and pans are, you may want a range of special camping pots or pans if you are a car camper or frequent camper. The things you would use in your kitchen will be fine no matter where you use your stove as a camper. 

The main difference between the two is that if you are carrying camping and cooking equipment, your main concern is to use the lightest items you can find to accomplish this task. What I want to talk about is something more specific to the type of camp you want to camp in. 

Whether you’re backpacking or boondocking, you’ll have access to high-quality nested cookware that doubles as a washing set and is incredibly light at just 1.8 pounds. With the MSR PocketRocket 2.0 cooker and the Pocket Rocket 3.1, there are two basic ways to cook during camping. At less than three ounces, it’s a fast-cooking stove that allows you to easily prepare hearty meals even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. 

Pretty awkward, forget to bring a chopping board, a knife or even cookware – it’s all in the pocket rocket. 

It feels a bit more classic, even if you have plenty of time to eat with your fingers straight out of the pan. 

Think of the cookware and eating utensils you use every day at home, and remember to scale it up to the type of camping trip you’re planning. Once you have determined your cooking source, you will need to collect a chopping board, a knife and a few other basic cooking tools. 

The Backpack Cook Set is made of lightweight aluminum and weighs only 12.7 ounces. Ascend 3 piece backpacks, and it is available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. 

If you want to camp but do not know what to pack for your trip, or if you have already camped, you may have forgotten something. 

This checklist of camping gear is supposed to be super complete, so don’t worry, we have covered you with a full list of what you should pack for camping. There are things to consider, but you have to decide which camper equipment is right for you. These are the basic and optional camping gear you want to pack for your next camping trip. 

The hardest part of camping is deciding what to eat and how to save your food from ruin, but it’s also the most important. 

Bring a metal forceps or a spatula, a quality cooler filled with ice and a pair of gloves. If you bring a gas stove or if there is a fireplace on site, you can also bring some kind of barbecue utensils or anything else you want to barbecue for dinner.


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