Cozy Vintage Camper Renovation

Many people dream of buying a small motorhome and travelling to a beautiful park to do yoga. Summer Ryan and I decided to buy a 1969 Shasta trailer and leave it to make this dream a reality. 

This vintage trailer with a southwest flair was renovated by a couple who together own a company for the renovation of motorhomes, which specializes in the creation and execution of short-term rentals. Jessi is an artist who transforms small old campers into retreats that express her personality and facilitate her travel. She lives an adventurous lifestyle (see her Instagram @ summerginthers) and travels with her husband Ryan and their three children. 

Today, the magazine has thousands of subscribers in the United States and features coffee table books with old RV trailers, old RVs and old camping experiences. The book with the vintage camper trailers is also due to be released in May 2016 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Google Play and other online retailers. 

Whether you just want to ride a bike or just want to get on a bike, it’s important to find a fantastic entry point – a one-level road bike at a reasonable price. If you feel the need to remember a time in your life that brought you fond memories of camping, just look where you can come from and see this incredible piece of history at Whether you are looking for a 1988 or a restored antique camper van, you have the freedom to choose the right one for you. Will this make you want to rebuild your camper or will it cause you a serious headache? 

If you don’t like the phrase “an example of an original gas lamp,” perhaps you’d do better to sell it and use the money for wood. 

One of my favourite DIY projects to date has been the restoration of an old Scotty Gaucho motorhome. I love nature and decided that a small camper for outdoor adventure was just what I needed.

I visited a RV dealership in Troy while looking for an old Winnebago Winnie – Drop 1790, one of my favourite vehicles. I found a motorhome that was for sale in this series through a friend and bought it because someone else had realized it would be a great flip for this project. 

The Winnebago Winnie Drop is the perfect size for a couple to explore the country and is easy to tow, especially if you buy a vibrating rod. 

Dakota RV has a wide selection of classic motorhomes from all over the United States, Canada and Europe. We were lucky to be in contact with Light, said Leach Camper Sales, a RV dealer in Council Bluffs, IA.

The robust exterior of the trailer is appreciated for the ease of towing a camper. A deckchair can be made bedridden in the back, so you can set up this model quickly for camping, camping or even a weekend trip. 

This $25 vintage camper will certainly promote an authentic camping experience with its cute renovated style. Travel in comfort and style allows you to travel to your destination and get closer to it while traveling. A good trip to camping can be made in a camper van filled with camping equipment, camping equipment and a room for the holiday in the back.

This renovated Viking Short Bus is ready to provide you with all the amenities you need for a relaxing holiday, with its pretty renovated style and comfortable interior. 

The Winnie Drop has an aluminium frame laminated with foam block insulation. RV door fittings, including hinges, latches, handles and frames, are included in the RV upgrade. The motorhome can be used in a variety of weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow or sun. 

All the awards we have received are testament to our continued commitment to our customers. We bring together a variety of home builds from different suppliers to offer you a variety of layouts and design ideas. 

This 2004 Sienna with all-wheel drive and trailer hitch has a great interior, great performance and an amazing interior. Take a look at the interior and exterior design of this amazing classic car, or just buy it today and turn it into your everyday driver. You can find this car for sale on eBay for just under $1,000 with a full price of $2,500.00. 

Oasis in Lafayette, CO, specializes in building campers, vans and minivans, and this Colorado company offers remodeling based on classic cars such as Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, Chevy Impala, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Yukon and more. This small camper makes packages until June 29, 2020 starting at $7,500.00. The camper’s space will pick up your SUV and turn it into a minivan for just under $1,000 at a full price of $5,400,000.


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