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Have Fun – Build New Skills – Earn High School Credits

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

Earn High School Credits while Having Fun

Starting the summer of 2014, the operator of Camp Ingenious, Legend College Preparatory, realigns the camp curriculum with the common core standards and offers an option to interested and qualified middle & high school campers to earn high school units while attending summer camps.  Campers are required to follow a proper track and complete related assignments.  A letter grade will be given based on the assessments.

Legend College Preparatory is an alternative high school, adapting a blended learning model, serving independent, highly motivated learners who adjust well in a fast-paced environment.  It is accredited by Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, Southern Assocation of Colleges and Schools, and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For more information about Legend College Preparatory, please visit: http://legendcollegepreparatory.com


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2014 Writing & Communication Camps

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

2014 Writing & Communication Camps

The biggest goal for the Writing and Communication Camps is to actualize intellectual potential and cultivate ingenuity through writing.  To attain this goal, high interest topics are used and interactive activities are adopted to create a fun-filled learning environment.  While building divergent thinking and ingenuity is the ultimate goal, students will be guided through a structured writing curriculum, which is a foundation to attain the goal.   Students will bring home writing projects that they will take pride at the end of each weekly camp.   Please click here for title, schedule, and more detailed descriptions


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2014 Lego Programming & Game Development Curriculum

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2014 Lego Programming & Game Development Curriculum

Programming Focus

This new series of curriculum focuses on developing the budding engineers’ skills on programming through working with Lego and game development.  They will learn to use LabVIEW, RobotC, and Java to program Lego.  Each software is widely used in real-life industries and has its own forte to build critical thinking that is essential in programming.

Who is the Audience?

Successful candidates would be those who have had introductory programming experience with NXT or EV3, as well as basic knowledge in science topics related to force, motion, distance, and speed.  Common participants are those entering G7 to G9.

Related camp dates and sessions are listed below and please click here for more detailed descriptions.

Lego Programming with LabVIEW: 6/16-6/20, 7/21-7/25

Lego Programming with RobotC:  6/23-6/27, 7/8-8/1

Game Development with Java: 7/7-7/11, 8/4-8/8

Lego Programming with Java: 7/14-7/18, 8/11-8/15


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2014 Lego Robotics

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

2014 Lego Robotics

The Lego Robotics Program at Camp Ingenious is a fun and educational approach to STEM learning. Students use popular Lego sets such as NXT robots to understand the value of team work in order to develop a wide variety of projects. Students are encouraged to use Mathematics, Physics and proven Engineering practices in order to achieve their goals. Challenges vary in level of difficulty and are designed to be adaptable to the tastes and personality of the students. The emphasis here is in learning how to best solve a realistic problem while having fun and learning important life  skills!

Some examples of projects include:

-          Developing and designing an all terrain Mars Rover

-          Building a moving human-like android

-          Designing a working catapult and trebuchet

-          Developing various moving robots designed to follow a set of instructions in a given path and time frame

-          Etc.

Skills Sets Encouraged and Developed:

- Proven Engineering practices such as design, development, testing, QA, and documentation

- Rigorous scientific inquiry and methodologies

- Understanding the difference between required and desired features

- Understanding the dynamic of efficient and productive teamwork to reach a desired goal

- Developing imagination, creativity and flexibility in designing a technical product which fulfills a set of desired features

Camp dates and sessions are listed below and please click here for more detailed descriptions:

Creative Green City Planner : 6/16-6/20, 7/21-7/25

Introduction to Mobile Robotics: 6/23-6/27, 7/28-8/1

Mobile Robotics Continuation: 7/7-7/11, 8/4-8/8

Robotics with EV3: 7/14-7/18, 8/11-8/15

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Develop Game Programs in Java

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

Develop Game Programs in Java

Youth Entering Grade 7 to 9 learn to develop game programs in Java!

Yes, they can! When kids find a goal they enjoy they are ready to jump through any hoop! In just one week kids learned the basics of Java programming, animation, moving simple objects on a screen, develop simple first person shooter programs, and puzzle development. Students were taught conditional statements and their use, simple loops, how to use graphics tools such as Awt and Swing, and much more, all in a fun and engaging environment. Once they master the basics, students developed their own Tetris programs. Pacman and even a Space Invader shootout game!

It is fun, games, but also a lot of learning, including program development and testing, understanding the Cartesian system and geometry, logical expressions,  and other fundamental Math and Technological principles.


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Camp Ingenious Early Bird Discount

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

Camp Ingenious is a popular teen summer camp in Cupertino. Parents in and around the area usually make plans for the summer early. Each year, we offer early bird discount to help parents plan for the summer in February and March. Our regular summer camp fees are already very affordable. With our substantial discounts, our camp fees are extremely attactive.  Plus there is no enrollment minimum. You may start enrolling those weeks that you are sure you will send your child to Camp Ingenious. And add other weeks later to fit your other plans. Act now because our teen summer camp will be filling up soon.

Enroll Now

Regular Fee Schedule

  • Camp Fee: $335 per week (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., at a ratio of 1:8)
  • Before Camp Extended Care: $10 per week (8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.)
  • After Camp Extended Care: $30 per week (3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. with quiet time, friendship building games, neighborhood park trips, and outdoor sports activities)
  • Camp fees and Tuition is due upon enrollment.

Super Early-bird Discount

  • Enroll by 2/28 to save up to $60 per week
  • Camp Fee: $295 per week (9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., at a ratio of 1:8)
  • Before Camp Extended Care: waived
  • After Camp Extend Care: $20
  • Even enrolling 1 week is qualified!
  • We accommodate your change of enrollment dates so long as we are notified by 4/15.
  • Enroll early and finalize the schedule or options by 4/15.  Schedule change within the summer period, between 6/16 and 8/15, will be accommodated.
  • Full payment is due upon enrollment.
  • We accept credit card for online enrollment.

Schedule Change and Withdrawal

  • Change of dates by May 15 will be accommodated without penalty. Withdrawal will be refunded at 50% or credited at a non-discounted rate and limited to application of summer camps of the following year.  No refund or credit would be issued after May 14.
  • Legend will guarantee a spot if changes are made by 4/15.  After that, it will be contingent on availability.
  • In the situation when a student misses sessions during the camp, Legend will not be able to accommodate make up sessions.

Don’t miss this great offer just because your summer schedule has not been finalized!

  • Start with the most plausible plan when you fill out the enrollment form.
  • All you need to know now is the minimum number of weeks that you would like to enroll.There is no minimum requirement for length of commitment.
  • Even 1 week enrollment is qualified! You could always add enrollment later, although not at the same fee.
  • We guarantee a spot by 4/15. Therefore, if you adjust your dates by then, you will have a spot.  Notify us as soon as you know your adjusted schedule to maximize the chances of getting the camp of your preference after adjustment.

Enroll Now

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