Camping Shower Tent for Sale US$89,00 Price ** 2021

Camping Shower Tent for sale price of this tent is only 89,000 dollars. Whether on vacation or during a multi-day hike, with the Camping Shower, you always have the opportunity to take a fresh shower on the go. Camping Shower Tent can be used for various purposes. The construction is very easy and succeeds within a few seconds. The shower tent is open at the bottom, which means that the wastewater can simply drain away. Furthermore, the manufacturer promises the best stability even in windy conditions. Access to the Camping Shower Tent is through the front zip door. Inside there is a storage bag in which smaller items fit. In addition to the shower tent, the scope of delivery also includes a practical transport bag, including pegs.

Portable Camping Shower Tent

Portable Camping Shower Tent,  changing room, fishing tent, etc. Portable Camping Shower Tent size is 110x100x190cm, army green color. Packed with a carrier bag, very small, only 63×5 cm thick. The gross weight is approx. 1.8 kg. Changing the tent is lightfast. One second quick opening, three-second quick closing, multi-purpose, can change clothes, take a bath, go to the toilet, fish, etc., with a steel rod, safe and practical. Camping Shower Tent is waterproof, silver waterproof coating, the polyester cloth is UV-resistant. Camping Shower Tent is light, foldable, space-saving, easy to carry outdoors. Privacy in a camp is always a bit tricky, starting with the tent and sharing it with other people. The same goes for bathing and going to the toilet. So such portable shelters are really practical, they are usually well packed, affordable, and easy to use.


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