Alternative Uses for VW Campervans

The much loved VW camper has been an icon since it’s inception over 60 years ago. As the years have gone by the camper has gone by many nicknames including Kombi and Splitty. These days it’s not only the name that can greatly vary but also the purpose of the famous Volkswagen Bus.

Whilst the vast majority of campers have remained just that, the enterprising few have modified their vans to suit a variety of purposes…

Wedding Cars – VW campers are a popular choice for weddings up and down the country. You can find fully reconditioned and modified campers to take the bride and bridal party to the wedding venue in style, and with a retro twist to the occasion to raise a smile.

Sweet Shop – one enthusiastic camper owner I have seen has converted their VW into a sweet shop. This camper can be hired for wedding too, but as an unusual addition to the days proceedings as opposed to a form of transport. This camper also attends shows and can be hired for other special occasions.

The Pasty Van – a well known British company have mocked up a number of classic VW campers to use as outlets across the country. These faux Volkswagens can be spotted at a number of destinations including major airports!

Cafe – an unusual take on the roadside cafe, one or two ingenious types use their modified campers as cafes in the UK, bringing warm refreshment to weary travellers and something a little different to brighten their day.

Mobile Bar – One clever enthusiast (and may be more) has turned their camper into a mobile bar available for hire. Another great choice for a wedding or special event, the VW camper has a great many uses when the right owner gets a little inspiration.

Ice Cream Van – I am aware of one especially rare VW split screen that is now being used as an ice cream van. The van is rare in that is is a high top version of the original, not something you see everyday. Now lovingly restored this 1964 VW van be hired out for a variety of occasions.

Of course, may VW campers are still restored to their original glory by owners and companies purely to continue their original purpose – for trekking off into the woods for a great holiday! Due to their diminishing numbers it can be tricky to find a good camper and get it van fully restored, plus there’s usually a hefty price tag.

If you are looking to purchase a VW camper to do up yourself there are a number of pitfalls which befall many; we advise you do your homework and talk to someone in the know before making such a purchase. You need to be in it for the long haul and have quite a substantial amount of money put aside for such a project.

If you long for a holiday as a couple or family in a VW camper it may be cheaper and much easier to simply hire one for the duration of your holiday. There are a number of outlets for just this purpose, who have collated and restored a number of vehicles for you to choose from. A much more affordable way to live your VW camper dreams!

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