A Camping Checklist to Get You Started

When you’re camping, it’s important to have some essentials with you. It’s a good idea to put a camping checklist together to make sure you have everything you need. While there are some things that you may need for some types of camping, but not for others, you should always have a list as a guideline so that you can make sure you aren’t forced to do without anything (such as food), and will be able to have a fun, relaxing, well prepared trip.

Many people don’t know exactly what they are looking for in a camping checklist, because they aren’t sure what type of camping they will be doing. That’s your first step, to recognize how much carrying space you will have. For instance, if you’ll be hiking to your destination, then it’s unlikely that you will have the space you might have if you were to back your vehicle up to your camping spot. It’s important to know that this is a general list and can be modified to meet your individual needs, but this camping checklist should help you to get started on your camping adventure.

  • Camping Tents – you will need a tent of some kind and make sure you have everything that goes with it, such as extra stakes, a tarp and possibly a shade tarp and mat for the entrance of your tent.
  • Sleeping Bags – At the very least, you will need a sleeping bag and pillow of some sort. If you’re able to bring your vehicle, you may want to consider a sleeping pad, cot, or air mattress.
  • Water – You must have a way to get fresh water, so if you’re backpacking, this means a water filter in some cases, but if you’re hitting a campsite, where there is water provided, jugs will do.
  • Cooking Equipment and Camping Food – You should also have food, a cook pot and a camp stove, which can be as complicated or as simple as you need. If you’re backpacking, consider food items which will not spoil and are easy to carry and cook, but if you have the luxury of being able to carry a cooler, feel free to pack your food and drinks in there. Consider ways to clean up your supplies when you’re done and don’t forget plastic baggies for your garbage.
  • Clothing and Footwear – this varies depending on what you will be doing, but you should have at least one change of clothes, clean socks, hiking boots and shoes to wear when you’re not hiking and rain gear, plus a jacket to keep you warm on cool nights.
  • Personal Supplies – again, this can vary widely, depending on your plans, but you will need some personal items to ensure that you are able to keep yourself clean and well cared for. Don’t forget your toothbrush, as this is one of the most forgotten camping items.
  • Lanterns, or flashlights and extra fuel or batteries
  • Map, Compass, or GPS
  • Identification, money, or credit cards
  • Well stocked first aid kit
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Whistle
  • Rope and duct tape
  • Pocket knife or camping tool
  • Travel Sewing kit
  • Hand Wipes

Now, remember, this is just a small camping checklist of some of the basics which you will not be able to do without. You can add to this list as you see fit and for items such as your first aid kit, you can stock it with whatever you like. This list should get you going in the right direction, though and help you to remember at the very least, the essentials.

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