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2014 Lego Programming & Game Development Curriculum

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

2014 Lego Programming & Game Development Curriculum

Programming Focus

This new series of curriculum focuses on developing the budding engineers’ skills on programming through working with Lego and game development.  They will learn to use LabVIEW, RobotC, and Java to program Lego.  Each software is widely used in real-life industries and has its own forte to build critical thinking that is essential in programming.

Who is the Audience?

Successful candidates would be those who have had introductory programming experience with NXT or EV3, as well as basic knowledge in science topics related to force, motion, distance, and speed.  Common participants are those entering G7 to G9.

Related camp dates and sessions are listed below and please click here for more detailed descriptions.

Lego Programming with LabVIEW: 6/16-6/20, 7/21-7/25

Lego Programming with RobotC:  6/23-6/27, 7/8-8/1

Game Development with Java: 7/7-7/11, 8/4-8/8

Lego Programming with Java: 7/14-7/18, 8/11-8/15