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Develop Game Programs in Java

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in Camp Ingenious in Cupertino, CA |

Develop Game Programs in Java

Youth Entering Grade 7 to 9 learn to develop game programs in Java!

Yes, they can! When kids find a goal they enjoy they are ready to jump through any hoop! In just one week kids learned the basics of Java programming, animation, moving simple objects on a screen, develop simple first person shooter programs, and puzzle development. Students were taught conditional statements and their use, simple loops, how to use graphics tools such as Awt and Swing, and much more, all in a fun and engaging environment. Once they master the basics, students developed their own Tetris programs. Pacman and even a Space Invader shootout game!

It is fun, games, but also a lot of learning, including program development and testing, understanding the Cartesian system and geometry, logical expressions,  and other fundamental Math and Technological principles.